We’re gonna love your dog.

Dearest Clients,

After fourteen years of caring for your best friends, it was time for a change. MoJo’s Backyard offered all day play. You loved it. Your dogs loved it. We loved it. We were all exhausted.

Then, we found another way. With a little bit of structure and a lot of planning, we can eliminate all the exhaustion and keep all the fun!

We are beyond sad to be shutting the gate on the Backyard. It’s the end of an era. We are honored to have provided you the first dog daycare in Tallahassee. Now, we are excited to provide your best friend with their first Camp experience.

What’s Camp? We’re glad you asked. Learn more at Camp MoJo’s.

All the woofs, wags, and love,
Dawn Jones & Megan Federico

Dawn Jones and Megan Federico

Camp Mojo's