Dawn Jones – MoJo´s Mommy & Owner

MoJo´s mommy opened your friendly neighborhood doggie daycare in September, 2004 on Centerville Road in Tallahassee when she saw the need for this kind of specialized service with a local appeal. In fact, with two doggies of her own – MoJo (a Samoyed) and Eiyso (a shelter-rescued hound) – she was in need herself.

Since opening MoJo´s Backyard, she and her husband, Chris, have opened their hearts – and even their family – to Ditto, a Jack Russell rescue; Sparrow, a boxer-mix puppy; and Lucas, one of our hand-raised hound puppies that they just couldn't give up.

In her past life, Dawn served in the U.S. Navy. While stationed in Iceland, she met Chris, her hubby, who later worked by her side as a Physician Assistant. Though not a veterinarian, her medical knowledge and care-giving background make MoJo´s Backyard a wonderful choice for supervision and care.

Although still MoJo´s owner, Dawn recently decided to continue her Physician Assistant career. Dawn will remain involved in the business, though Megan Mays will be overseeing day-to-day operations.