MoJo’s Backyard loves the heck out of every dog — it’s true! That’s why we work with local rescue groups tirelessly to find great homes for great dogs. But hey, if we can’t find that perfect place they can call home, right here is where our fosters get to stay.

Just check out the available foster dogs below. If you spot a pooch you just have to have, call us 850-422-3063, or email us for details.* And be sure to check back often.

*Because our commitment is always to the dogs first, please note that we’re really picky about the homes in which we place our fosters.



This 4-year-old pit-mix has been in our care for 3 years now. She's a sweet girl that loves people but needs to go to a home where she can be the only pet. Ciri is a cuddle bunny that knows basic commands, is great in a home and comes with her own wardrobe. When she grows up, she wants to be a professional comedian and will keep her lucky new parents laughing for many years to come.



MoJo’s Backyard’s self-proclaimed mascot has been protecting the girls and warning off shady characters for 3 years now. Recently freed from 3 months of heartworm prison (the staff had to keep him in “calm” isolation from the other dogs while he underwent treatment for Heartworms), he’s back on the prowl looking for that nice family with a good sense of humor and in need of lots of hugs.
The staff here has had lots of time to work on commands and Oreo is proficient in “sit,” and “off,” and knows a thing or two about crate-training, house-breaking and maybe heeling. (Did we mention that he comes with free training from the awesome folks at Bark Busters?) He’ll do anything for chicken jerky, well, maybe not clean the litter box…but also loves plain, old TLC for his reward.
Any home would be lucky to have this fuzz-monster around but he’ll only go to the very best people and that will be decided by (who else?) his pack of moms (that’s us: the MoJo’s staff).